Thursday, 2 June 2011

Updates from Bob

Thanks again for your support re attendance at the May 25th PD at MSC Library. Be sure to look at the power points that I sent you if you did not make it. One is from Dawn and one from, me .
The Duty of Care Workshop will definitely be happening at the Senior College Library from 4.30pm until about 5.30pm presented by MSC School nurse Mrs. Roz Devilee. It will be free but a gold coin donation to help cover the catering would be appreciated It covers asthma treatment incidents and Annaphylaxis.
Scuse spelling please'.
The July 2nd Saturday morning with Jenny Mackay is still a possibility but I need firm numbers and lots of feedback that you would like some help with behavior management/engagement otherwise it may lack funding so please let me know how much you would like this to happen. 
I have written several letters on your behalf but I need some evidence of grass root support .
I hope to see you at the PD on June 22nd.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New professional learning opportunities for CRT teachers in physical education and sport

A lot of times CRT teachers are requested to take students to physical education and sport activities ,travel with them to sport competitions or coaching them in sports.

Most of the CRT teachers are not aware of the high risk associated with taking the specific sport out of the classroom ………

I am offering professional learning sport and physical education following school sport Victoria calendar ,all related activities will increase their confidence Taking a class for sport or physical education.

Topics :


*Introduction for Invasion games (primary and secondary)

Includes rules and basic lesson plan for sports as AFL ,basketball, netball ,soccer ,volleyball cricket ,handball hockey ,and many more.

*Introduction for Alternative sports as handball ,korfball ,lacrosse, Frisbee ,

*Introducing game sense approach and ideas for class management in physical education and sport

Please see a link with my testimonials

Link about me

The sessions can be full day or after school 2 hours ,certificate of attendance will be provided.

It is better to be prepared, than explain later why things went wrong !!!


Saturday, 7 May 2011


It was a bit unfair asking people to tell me whether they will come without giving you a date for the Duty of Care Workshop. Roz is flexible but a Wednesday mid term 2 suits her best so lets nominate Wednesday June 22 and see what response I get to that.

Also, since writing to you this morning, I received an email from Dawn Colcott. She is coming to Mildura to talk to beginning teachers on Tuesday August 2nd . She is prepared to run a workshop for CRTs on Wednesday August 3rd if you would like her to. Please send me topics that you would like her to cover and indicate whether you would like a full day or an after school session on that day. There would be a small charge to cover some of the catering costs but it would be otherwise free of charge .


Refugee Week In Schools


Refugee Week in Schools

In 2011, Refugee Week will be held from Sunday June 19 to Saturday June 2 . Please join us at this professional development workshop to discover resources and activities your school can run at
zero cost to acknowledge Refugee Week.

Date: Tuesday 31st May 2011
Time: 4 -5.30pm

Venue: LMERC
Ground floor
150 Palmerston St Carlton 3053
MEL: 2B H5

RSVP: : Tuesday 24th May 2011
Erin Hughes
School Support Team

Queries: (03) 9389 8994
Foundation House and LMERC present
At this workshop:
• Learn how Refugee Week is a great way to promote inclusion,
foster empathy and explore journeys to and within Australia
through clever use of resources.
• Discover & join the Languages & Multicultural Education Resource
Centre (LMERC)
• Connect with the School Support team from Foundation House.
• Share ideas with colleagues. Borrowing time till pm.

Afternoon tea provided Afternoon tea provided Afternoon tea provided Afternoon tea provided

"Duty of Care" workshop

Please feel free to ring or email me if you have any information about possible PD that others may appreciate knowing about. So far I am not getting any information from the Schools. I am planning a "Duty of Care" workshop to be held at the Senior College library sometime in June- possibly Wednesday evening from 4.45pm until 6.00pm. It will be conducted by the Chaffey College/Senior College School Health Officer/ Nurse, Mrs. Rozz Devilee. The areas covered would be dealing with Asthma suffers and children with allergies in the Classroom safely and responsibly . What every teacher needs to know to properly fulfill their expected duty of Care The Puffers , mask and giving Ipipen shots. I have not finalised the date until I know that some CRTs want to come.


Next Meeting Mildura CRT Network

our next meeting is Wednesday may 25th at the Senior College Library and the main topic was VIT full registration renewal - getting prepared for next year.