Thursday, 2 June 2011

Updates from Bob

Thanks again for your support re attendance at the May 25th PD at MSC Library. Be sure to look at the power points that I sent you if you did not make it. One is from Dawn and one from, me .
The Duty of Care Workshop will definitely be happening at the Senior College Library from 4.30pm until about 5.30pm presented by MSC School nurse Mrs. Roz Devilee. It will be free but a gold coin donation to help cover the catering would be appreciated It covers asthma treatment incidents and Annaphylaxis.
Scuse spelling please'.
The July 2nd Saturday morning with Jenny Mackay is still a possibility but I need firm numbers and lots of feedback that you would like some help with behavior management/engagement otherwise it may lack funding so please let me know how much you would like this to happen. 
I have written several letters on your behalf but I need some evidence of grass root support .
I hope to see you at the PD on June 22nd.